A new method for large-scale 3D printing buildings construction industry. I led a team of researchers from Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia on creating a swarm of tiny robots that could build gigantic structures, much larger themself. The robots work in teams to squirt out material that hardens into the shell of the building. Other 3-D-printed architecture requires frames, which have to fit entirely around a building, or robotic arms that can only reach as high as themselves. The project has become world-wide recognized as pioneering work in AEC space and sparked a large community creation.

minibuilders in press


Lead Researchers        Petr Novikov , Sasa Jokic
Researchers     Shihui Jin, Stuart Maggs, Cristina Nan, Dori Sadan
IAAC Suport Team      Areti Markopoulou, Guillem Camprodon, Luis Fraguada, Ana Marti Serichol, Shashank Shrivastva, Harry Mann, Sofoklis Giannakopoulos
External Support  Maxim Tomash, Lev Maslov, Vadim Kolosov, Joška Križik, Fedor Novikov
Special thanks   Chirag Rangholia, Robert Garita, Fran Blanco, Aldo Sollazzo, Alejandra Diaz de Leon, Moritz Begle, Alexandre Oliver, Mathilde Marengo, Julia Kosulnikova, Dmitry Kovtun, Masha Shashkova, Mary Kate Heinrich, Anya Popova, Rodrigo Aguirre, Alejandro del Campo, Carmen Menez, Ali Yerdel, Hriday Siddharth
Sponsors   FabLab Barcelona, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Materfad, Esclatec, Dhub Barcelona, Stereotactic, Autotecno

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